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Because we like to do a lot of things!

Comic Corner Podcast LogoThe Comic Corner Podcast – Every other week Jeff hosts the greatest comic book news and review show on the Internet, “The Comic Corner“! Join Jeff, and his co-host Tyler Waterman, every other Friday as they ramble on about the superheroes we all know and love (and a few maybe you don’t know!)


Ryon Day's TwitchRyon’s Twitch Channel – Anyone who listens to Ryon for more than a few minutes knows he loves video games… so check him out, and join in the great chat, as he regularly streams all sorts of games while waxing philosophical about whiskey, jazz and whatever else pops into his mind.



Jerd ProductionsThe Jerd – You want more Jerd in your life? Well, this is where you can find it! Fun and inspiring articles covering all facets of the geek fitness movement – motivational tips, healthy recipes, fitness product reviews, workouts, and more!


Entertainment of the Geekiest Order:

And where do Ryon and Jeff hang out on the interwebz? Why, right here on these sites:

Geek Legacy – Great news and entertainment site for all that is geek! (also where Jeff sometimes reviews geeky TV shows and waxes poetic on the topic of comic books)

Go check them out, and let them know the GFM Podcast sent you!