“The smoothest fitness oriented podcast you will ever slide into your ears…” – Some guy on the Internet

GFM Podcast - Ryon Day & Jeff MuellerHey everybody, Ryon and Jeff here. Nice to meet you!

This is the show where we both endeavor to help our fellow nerds and geeks (and anyone else for that matter) who want to live a healthier life attain their goals!

Before we go any further talking about ourselves, we want to say a big, heartfelt, thank you for stopping by and listening to our ramblings!

Ultimately, our goal here is to help people become better versions of themselves; we want to help you learn how to exercise correctly, eat healthier, stay motivated, be happier, and live longer, fuller lives.

Our goal is to provide our listeners with a view of a world where a healthy living and an athletic jock mentality can co-exist peacefully with full on geekery; They are not mutually exclusive!

We are both huge nerds, and avid fitness enthusiasts and we both are more than happy to talk about both aspects of lives at great lengths.